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Do you know why the top companies choose human translation?

Top companies choose human translation because they want the best quality. When done correctly human translation can be cost-effective, over time, with the right company. Read about why human translation keeps winning time after time, over machine translation. Click to enlarge.  Language Expertise, Cultural Awareness, and Subject Specialization win every time! Being familiar with the […]

Project Setup Checklist from Omni Tech Translations

To receive a PDF with the checklist. Please fill out the small form below with your name and email address and we’ll send the form to you right away. Thanks! Omni Tech Translations has a long-standing history of excellence in customer service. We like to provide our clients with the very best quality work and […]

More on Proposal Writing and Translation

Accuracy and turnaround times are two of the most important items to consider when choosing a translation agency. Also consider choosing a partner who will be able to maintain translation memory to save you time and money, on your future projects. Here are a few more things to keep in mind the next time you […]

Interview with Freelance Translator: Delphine Perrottet

​ Delphine has translated over 100,000 words for Omni Tech Translations (maybe more), she’s a pleasure to work with, and has also worked as a project manager. She’s been working as a translator for Omni Tech Translations for almost 3 years and knows the ins and outs of being a translator and working behind the […]

The Importance of Glossaries

When you are ready to start the translation process with your chosen LSP (Language Service Provider), make sure that you and your LSP know about the importance of glossaries. Glossaries are different from dictionaries or translation memory. Read on to learn more.   Glossary Related Pitfalls to avoid: 1.        All of sudden, you have giant […]

3 Myths About Translation

"… Many corporations realize that billions of people don’t read English at all or well enough to make buying decisions, so they're increasing information in other languages to reach many more prospects. However, the big question is: If they localize their websites, will more buyers come? How much will localization help them grow? Common Sense […]

Your next RFP/Proposal translation is just around the corner: 3 Questions you need to ask

You are a proposal writer, and choosing the right language service provider makes a difference when you have a document that needs a quick turn-around time and requires more than one revision. 1.  Do you offer “lock-step” translation with version updates? What if there are scope changes? As a proposal writer, you know that deadlines can be […]

Localizing Audio and Impressing Your Boss.

You already know that Audio Localization is a large task with lots of moving parts. What you don’t know is that successfully localizing a project can mean impressing your boss and coworkers. Here are some tips on how to get started. Making Guidelines. Think about how different stressing of words or phrases can change the […]

The Dos and Don’ts of writing for an international audience…

Omni Tech Translations is always looking for new and innovative ways to help clients create well written content to meet international needs. After many years of working with clients, we’ve mastered the art of anticipating needs and helping clients make the best decisions possible when it comes to translation and localization for their specific industry. […]