Your next RFP/Proposal translation is just around the corner: 3 Questions you need to ask

By | March 13, 2014


You are a proposal writer, and choosing the right language service provider makes a difference when you have a document that needs a quick turn-around time and requires more than one revision.

1.  Do you offer “lock-step” translation with version updates? What if there are scope changes?

  • As a proposal writer, you know that deadlines can be tight. Every second counts! Scope changes can happen in any project, but being prepared for them can take a lot of your mind and your budget. Make sure to talk to your prospective and current translation teams about what kind of scope changes incur cost and what is included by default. Omni Tech Translations has a special lock-step process we have developed with proposal writers in mind.  We know the difference an additional writing day can mean. We have a team in place to work with you around the clock, no time is wasted and you have extra time to write the perfect proposal.

2.  What kind of security are you able to offer us for sensitive documents?

  • When choosing a translation team, please ask about what kind of security they can offer for your materials. If your documents are sensitive, CONUS translators can be another step in the security process. Some translation companies will take the process a step further and use a private encrypted server system that allows for more control over who can see the documents and where they are. Now more than ever, it is valuable to know where your documents are going online.

3.  What is the long term benefit of working with and ISO 9001:2008 certified company?

  • When searching for an LSP, an ISO 9001:2008 certification can bring you the peace of mind that this company cares about their processes and their reputation as a qualified vendor. The long term benefit to you is the knowledge that their processes are constantly monitored and improved. The process of getting certified is lengthy and detailed, so you know your certified LSP can handle complicated projects with ease. Omni Tech Translations is currently in the certification process and is making great strides. To read more about ISO please visit:

By the way even if translation is not requested, if you do take the time to get it translated in their native language, then your chances of winning the bid are much higher.

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