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Omni’s Training Sessions

In addition to the language services we provide for clients, Omni also offers client education for those who are tasked with the development of materials that will later be translated. Marketing, training, and compliance specialists could benefit.


UPS-Traning-3In our talks we discuss how culture and language can have an effect on your overall design and layout. Save your team and company a lot of time and money, and look into learning more about how to design and write for other cultures. So far we have conducted these training sessions to one of our larger clients, and we’ve been met with a lot of great feedback.

During these sessions you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions, and see how much you really know about other cultures.  What you’ll find out may surprise you. In an effort to help our clients, we offer these training sessions to help you make better materials that will cross cultural borders.

In this chart produced by renowned British linguist Richard D. Lewis, you can see the different general negotiation styles of different cultures. All of these differences in our cultures are just some of what we will discuss at one of our client training sessions.

Are you interested in having a Client Training Session that will help your team cross international borders, send us a message.


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