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Do you know why the top companies choose human translation?

Top companies choose human translation because they want the best quality. When done correctly human translation can be cost-effective, over time, with the right company. Read about why human translation keeps winning time after time, over machine translation.

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Benefits of Human Translation by Omni Tech Translations

 Language Expertise, Cultural Awareness, and Subject Specialization win every time!

  • Being familiar with the nuances of a language, knowing the slang of a particular region of the world, and seamlessly rewriting a document as if it was originally written in the target language are just some of the many benefits of human translation.
  • Human Translators will be able to discern what could be culturally confusing or offensive to the  audience, and advise you on what terms or phrases to avoid in future documents. Don’t make the mistake of relying solely on machine translation.
  • Only human translators with relevant expertise will be able to choose the most appropriate terms for technical documents that require specific terminology. Machine translation cannot compete with an experienced translator.

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